News, new products, and novel ways IMPAK customers are using flexible packaging, sorbents and sealers.

We Modify Band Sealers to Fit Your Specific Need




The Need: A high speed heat sealing machine to seal a 14-inch-long bag (300 mm) that contains 4.5 lb. (2.0 kg) of frozen seafood. The Challenge: Adapt / modify our highly successful RapidSealerTM continuous band sealer to accept a 14 inch (300 mm) long pouch.[see full article]

Why is Molecular Sieve the Best Desiccant?


As any seasoned packaging engineer dealing with mositure sensitive products will tell you, the most critical question to ask is, “what RH do you not want your product to see?”[see full article]

CSA Certification Announcement


IMPAK is proud to partner with a major Multi-National Pharmaceutical Company and to have been granted a CSA Certification for its industry leading line of Gramatech Vacuum Heat Sealers. “We are now ready to offer CSA registration as an option to our industry leading line of Gramatech Sealers,” according to Rajib Hasan, Managing Director, Machine Group. As the company General Manager and current CEO, Kevin Cullen, has said, “We are very proud of the machinery we have built to CSA standards.” [see full article]

Do You Need Large Storage Bags Suitable for Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, Lyophilized Products?


IMPAK Corporation’s materials are categorized by structure and thickness. MylarFoil bags are a cost-effective, efficient, and safe way to store dehydrated, freeze-dried, or lyophilized products. These products have a metalized, stretched polyester film that is flexible, light, and thin but also strong and UV-light resistant. [see full article]

Upgrading to an Intelligent Sealing System Platform


Challenge: IMPAK was contacted by a large firm that manufactures plastic films with a challenge; upgrade a hand held heat sealer with old technology TIC (temperature impulse controller) and timer so that precise heat and cool temps can be measured and monitored. The heat sealer is used in their QC Lab and research and design lab to construct and test prototypes. [see full article]

Ship Seafood via sea freight UNFROZEN while maintaining Freshness, Quality and Extending Shelf Life.

In 2017 IMPAK was contacted by a firm with a challenge; to devise a system to transport fresh fish and other proteins virtually anywhere in the world without the need for them being frozen. Their concept required a large, 100-inch seal length, heat sealer with vacuum AND gas flush to suspend time and force out destructive gases. Not only does this save on expensive airfreight, it also eliminates...  [see full article]

Vocational Work Center for Individuals with Disabilities

IMPAK Supports Vocational Work Centers that provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities worldwide. Ask us about our special pricing to support your project needs...Our client, Vocational Work Center for Individuals of Disabilities, had an urgent need to heat seal bags for various packaged pet products. They required an economical and easy to use heat sealer.[see full article]

Looking For A Custom Fitment?

Do you have an idea for a fitment or pour spout? At IMPAK, we design and produce flexible packaging with unique fitments that can meet the varied needs of our customers. We are known in the industry for having the ability to take on any project, no matter how big or small and regardless of the complexity. Spouts and fitments offer a new functionality to flexible packaging…..the SpoutPAK™ [see full article]

Evolution of Innovation in Capability and Scalability

How a Large Scale Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Major Medical Equipment Provider changed our technological trajectory. In the summer of 2017 IMPAK was approached by a Major Multinational Health Care Company to explore the possibility of building an extremely large chamber vacuum sealer... [See full article]

“Here We Grow Again” – IMPAK Expands to Florida

IMPAK opens Florida location to meet demand from East Coast customers looking for more hours of technical packaging support and a smaller shipping radius. The new location will also handle manufacturing of heat sealing equipment.  [See full article]

IMPAK Acquires Equipment Manufacturer, Gramatech

Press Release: Sealing equipment maker Gramatech was acquired by IMPAK Corporation, a provider of custom-built sealing equipment and innovative packaging solutions. IMPAK said it plans to add Gramatech’s product line to its existing line of vacuum and heat sealing technology.  [See full article]

Hops: Packaging and Preservation

For Growers & Brewers: Cost Effective Solutions for Every Stage

IMPAK offers standard-setting high barrier bags created specifically for the hops industry, called the Hops Green Bag line for its focus on sustainability, and its forest green color. Learn how our bags, sealers and oxygen absorbers can protect and preserve your hops investment.  [See full article]

IMPAK Expands its “Label-Ready” Options with Mason Jar Pouches

Mason Jar Bags

Reusable zipper bags printed to look like vintage jars, a la Mason and Ball, are now available as part of IMPAK’s line of flexible packaging that is easy filled and labeled. See the two styles coming soon and learn about our offer for a custom printed version with your design.

Learn more about IMPAK's mason jar bags: [See full article]

How Brands Benefit from Matte/Gloss Packaging

Custom Printed Matte Gloss Packaging

The high-end, luxe feel of matte/gloss packaging appeals to brand owners and consumers. This combination results in packaging that often aligns with high-end luxury brands and modern, health-focused brands. Industries from cosmetics and beauty products, health foods, and cannabis brands alike. Learn how IMPAK customers have employed the matte/gloss combinations to draw viewers in and boost brand recognition.

Learn more about IMPAK's matte/gloss capabilities: [See full article]

New "Frosted" Film Bags: Pre-Made or Custom Printed

Translucent bags with a soft matte finish are increasingly popular with brands seeking a distinct package that stands out on shelves. Natural food, candy, and cosmetic brands have enjoyed the ability to showcase their product in a subtle way. IMPAK now offers label-ready bags, or the option for custom-printed graphics.

Learn more about IMPAK's frosted film capabilities: [See full article]

This is an excellent solution for packaging because of its easy open/close and ability to seal through powders. See how a range of industries benefit from this unique zipper. [See full article]

Pre-zippered or "pocket-zipper" bags offer convenience for packagers and end-users alike. For the packager, products can be filled past the zipper without becoming trapped in the zipper tracks. This is because the zipper is protected and positioned on one side of the bag, whereas traditional zippers are located on each side of the bag, which means contents can become trapped in the zipper during the fill process. Pocket zipper bags are also convenient for consumers because they are "tamper-evident" and assure the customer that contents are safe and untampered with. Once the pull-tab has been torn away, consumers are able to access the standard press to close zipper hidden beneath. This offers a satisfying opening experience, and the convenience of being reclosable for repeated access. [See full article]

Rice paper pouches with a "crystal clear" window are an excellent option for brands in need of a label-ready package with unique shelf-appeal. These stand up pouches have a rice paper finish on the outside, and a food-grade inner layer. They enjoy the look of rice paper, but the durability of IMPAK's standard multi-layered pouches.

Learn more about IMPAK's rice paper pouches: [See full article]

IMPAK Announces Line of Certified Explosion-Proof Sealers

“Hazardous” locations that will benefit from IMPAK’s new explosion-proof sealers can be settings as simple as flour and sugar processing plants and textile mills. They’re deemed hazardous due to the presence of dusts and gases which can explode if an ignition source such as a heat sealer is introduced. In such areas, the normal operation of equipment can present several sources for ignition, from the electrical arcs between components, to the heat of the machine itself. With heat sealing equipment, this danger is ever more present as the temperature required to seal the material can exceed the safe temperature for the location itself.

“After reviewing available machines in the market we realized some, but not all sources of ignition had been accounted for. To us, there is no such thing as ‘partially’ explosion-proof; your machine is either safe for use in a HazLoc setting, or it isn’t.” – Tod Cooper, Product Manager, IMPAK Machinery Group

When it comes to workplace safety, presumably every company would like to say their solution spared no expense, but in reality, the best system is one that uses innovation to deliver a product that offers greater safety, at a lower premium. IMPAK has a track record in the industry of providing that solution. [See the Press Release]

Product Spotlight: 2.375” x 3.0" Tamper-Evident Mini Pouch

Tamper-Evident Mini Pouch

IMPAK Corporation has gained a reputation for engineering some of the smallest pouches in the industry. The 2.375” x 3.0” MiniPouch is a small format pouch that has seen use as a promotional package to send out small product samples, and as a finished product package for small parts and devices. This advanced material is ideal for packaging products which are susceptible to corrosion, and in food or medical device packaging, where very low oxygen levels are required. Our customer applications for this small pouch are varied: they include shipping, supplements, medications, chemicals, epoxies, powders, hygroscopic items, food, and small medical devices or microchips. Contents are protected via a tamper-evident header that is opened via a tear notch and once the header is removed a ZipSeal™ zipper offers reclosable functionality and convenience.  [Learn More Here]

KeepFresh-EC Home Vacuum Sealers

The new KeepFresh-EC vacuum sealers are the ideal professional quality vacuum sealers for home and lab use. These compact sealers are for use with textured vacuum bags. Each machine comes with a port for a vacuum hose for canning and marinating. Pulse options allow you to acheive the exact level of vacuum desired. These are ideal units for advanced food prep, long term food storage, archiving valuables and more. Vacuum sealed food stays fresh up to five times longer than other methods.  [See Them Here]

A Spout Bag for Miracle MUD Cleaner

AM-TECH’s cleaning product, Miracle MUD presented a unique set of challenges and requirements when it came to selecting packaging. First a material that had the chemical resistance to handle the cleaning product had to be selected. Then a material and format durable enough to stand up to aggressive use by the consumer had to be selected. AM-TECH knew this package would receive more “wear and tear” than your average spout pack because the MUD product contains two components, a liquid cleaner and a scrubbing compound, which are mixed together in the spout bag once the customer is ready to use. IMPAK’s packaging solution not only met AM-TECH’s material and durability requirements, it also delivered an eye-catching custom print that has already gained recognition from AM-TECH’s customers. [See full article]

Innovative brands such as AERO challenge the early assumption that spouted bags were reserved for packaging food and beverage products. AERO’s specialty wax is packaged in a flexible spout bag from IMPAK and was recently displayed at SEMA, the world’s premier automotive products tradeshow held yearly in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thanks to the high-tech multi-layered materials offered by IMPAK, brands in chemical and automotive industries can utilize flexible packaging for products ranging from sealants, adhesives and waxes to household cleaning agents. [See full article]

As of July 2016 IMPAK Corporation began shipping validatable, medical pouch sealers in 15”, 20” and 25” seal lengths, capable of controlling temperature within 1 degree. These machines were an upgrade to MPD Series which had gained a strong following under Aline Corporation of Cerritos, California. Unfortunately, this company was a causality of the recession. However, due to the significant demand from Aline’s existing customer base and major medical corporations looking for advanced sealing equipment, the staff of IMPAK Corporation reverse engineered these machines, and then implemented several improvements. One of the most notable was the addition of the Siemens controller. We offer these items new, and we have the ability to retrofit your existing equipment. [See full article]



Galloway Company, manufacturer of innovative dairy bases for the beverage industry, chose IMPAK to develop a solution to their packaging challenge. They needed to split an aseptically filled bag of condensed milk into 3 separate bags without compromising the contents inside. IMPAK’s engineers were able to solve the challenge along with the help of a Siemens controller. [See full article]

Enhancing Brand Image with Stand Up Pouches

Learn how one body piercing company transformed their brand image through better packaging. Almost Famous Body Piercing switched from packaging in sandwich bags, to stand up bags that gave their product more visibility and translated to more sales. See the other packaging features that drove sales to their product. [See full article]

Zipper Bags: History & Future

Reclosable zipper bags started as vinyl binder inserts and over time evolved to clear sandwich bags. Today IMPAK Corporation’s product line represents the expansive possibilities now available. From child resistant zippers, to zippers made to address the challenges of packaging powder and liquid. Learn more about our innovative zippers and their applications. [See full article]


Liquid Dispenser Pouch for Energy Gel

Muir Energy “keeps it simple” with their limited ingredient energy gels, and they wanted packaging as simple as its contents. IMPAK’s gel pouch offers source reduction and convenience in the form of a dispenser tip pouch that uses less material than alternatives, and is ready to “grab and go.” See how IMPAK’s stock and custom options helped Muir Energy in their changing packaging needs. [See full article]

An Engineering Service Request for the "Perfect" Color

An Engineering Service Request (ESR) for the “Perfect” Color

An ESR is an extra service option that IMPAK offers to customers who are uncertain about their packaging needs. Details such as size, color, and material are determined by our product development engineers based on the needs of the customer and their product. Read the story of “MPL Inc. and the Right Color that was Wrong” to see how essential an ESR was for a company that needed an exact color for their bags. [See full article]


Reliable Electric Vacuum Sealer

Are You Considering a Uline Vacuum Sealer

Uline is a packaging distribution company that is well known for quality products, extremely rapid service and product availabilityThe machine pictured below replaced 4 Uline units at a major East Coast Bio-Medical Facility. They were experiencing unusually excessive maintenance and repair issues. With our EVS machine series they saw instant improvement, the cycle time was faster as well as the quality of the seal was better. They considered the replacement a well worth upgrade and a valuable investment.


Simple Way of Winterizing Your Car

Winterizing Your Car Made Simple With IMPAK's 5lb Clay Desiccant Bags


During the winter months, our customers like to winterize their vehicles to ensure it is not affected by the cold weather.  Failure to protect the interior of your vehicle from moisture and other elements can result in expensive repair & maintenance costs. As you may know, moisture can build during the winter season and potentially cause damage to your leather seats.  Our 5lb Clay Desiccant bags work to prevent moisture and can keep the interior of your car safe from damage. Our desiccant bags are effective in keeping the inside of your vehicle dry and can ensure it remains in pristine condition.  Here is a real life example of one of our customer’s simple winterization with step by step HOW TO procedures and his successful usage of our LDT-800 Clay Desiccant Bags for protecting his Porsche Carrera S during the winter. [See full article]


Child Resistant Pouches for Animal Hospital Patient's Owners


Animal hospitals and veterinary practices often have their own pharmacies. A large percentage of their medication is compounded on site and are no packaged in child proof containers, and often they don’t even fit in standard child proof CR bottles. These organizations have discovered the PharmaLocTM child resistant pouches to be the ideal solution to this challenge for their patient’s owners. [See full article]  

A hermetic seal on flexible packaging can be achieved with any of our sealing machines, this quick guide will help you choose the unit that will work best for your production needs. Below are a simple description on our bestselling models: Impulse hand sealer, Foot Pedal SealerAutomatic Sealers, and RapidSealer™.

RapidSealer™ or Band Sealer is recommended for full production scenarios. Capable of sealing up to 35-70 bags per minute, you can seal up to 2000-4000 bags an hour! A simple ready out of the box machine, it requires minimal training and minimal maintenance. All the production person has to do is feed the bags on to one side of the unit and they will come out sealed automatically out the other side, no need to wait until the next seal. You can also easily emboss/code your bag, you can add an expiration date, company name, etc., each bag will be individually embossed with your message. Just set your embossing wheel with your message, and let the machine speed up your production.

Check out the comparison table among these sealer machines' features.

Recently, IMPAK was able to save a beautiful piece of art by applying the science of sorbent systems. An artist’s  wooden creation titled, “Between The Lines”, was being removed from exhibition at New York’s Everson Museum of Art. The reason?  Bugs were seen emerging from the cherry-hued bark, leaving behind a trail of fine sawdust. The Museum sealed the sculpture in a bag until a solution to the infestation could be found.


Tall Timbers

Could the rare timbered creation be saved from further damage? Museum staff Karen Convertino, Debora Ryan and Susan Blakely of Westlake Conservators were all consulted, as was retired forestry products professor Paul Manion. The prognosis was not good. They determined that “fogging” and other chemical treatments would harm the art and not eliminate the insects. Freezing was also ruled out, because it could severely damage the glue holding the sculpture together. 


IMPAK To The Rescue

The artist then contacted Los Angeles based IMPAK (he did some research on oxygen absorbing processes), wondering if his artwork could still be saved. We suggested a novel use of our multi-structure packaging and oxygen absorbing packets. If the oxygen level around the sculpture could be reduced to 0.01 percent, then the infestation could be wiped out safely and effectively.









IMPAK Corporation’s materials are categorized by structure and thickness. MylarFoil bags are a cost-effective, efficient, and safe way to store dehydrated, freeze-dried, or lyophilized products. These products have a metalized, stretched polyester film that is flexible, light, and thin but also strong and UV-light resistant.