A multi-layer laminated poly nylon film is suitable for use in vacuum packaging where moderate oxygen levels are required. Performs better than co-extruded film and is used primarily in the Beef, Poultry, and Fish industries. The biaxial oriented nylon (Bon) layer provides stronger puncture resistance than cast nylon making it ideal for industrial products requiring puncture resistant packing.



Total Thickness (mils)                                                                                  5.0 mil

BOND STRENGTH                                                                                      150gm/cm

WATERVAPOR TRANSMISSION RATE (ASTM F-1249-90)                            0.5 gr. /100in² 24 hrs.

O2 TRANSMISSION RATE (ASTM 0-3985))                                                   2.1cc/100in²/24 hrs.

TENSILE STRENGTH (ASTM D882-91; A)                                                     MD 7500 psi / TD 8400 psi

RETAINED SOLVENTS                                                                                 Less than 10mg/sq. meter

ELONGATION (ASTM D882-91; A)                                                                MD 60% / TD 60%

TEAR STRENGTH (ASTM D1004-94 NOTCHED)                                           MD 2.1 lb / TD 2.8 lb

PUNCTURE STRENGTH (FTMS 101-C; 2065.1)                                             23.5 lb.                                   

LIGHT TRANSMISSION (ASTM D1003-92)                                                    >90%

HEAT SEAL STRENGTH (ASTM D-1876-93) VERTROD                                 >22 lb./in. width

COEFFICENT OF FRICTION                                                                          Film to Film: <0.3



IMPAK CORPORATION makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the suitability of these materials for any specific use. The values shown above were developed from random samples taken from production material. We believe them to be typical for the product. Actual values may vary somewhat from those depicted here. Customers should determine product suitability based upon their own internal criteria.