unprinted roll stock of various Mylar structures

Rollstock refers to long unbroken printed or unprinted flexible film sold on rolls. Rollstock is used for a wide range of applications, most commonly it is a key packaging material component to automatic VFFS and HFFS equipment (Vertical and Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines). They can also be used in a number of manual applications to create bags of any size or shape using heat sealers.

IMPAK has a selection of 53 materials on the floor, available in rolls from 24 to 51 inches wide and as much as 6,000 feet long. Our forte is serving companies who need unprinted rollstock, from 2 mil metallized polyester to ultra high barrier clear materials or military specification grades. We can slit rolls to custom widths and deliver with turnaround times that almost no other company can match. The stock shown here is unprinted, though rolls with registration marks are available.

Yes, you can get our high temperature 160°C/320°F PAKSAFE320 material in rolls!

2.5" wide, 15.5" wide, 1 meter wide x 100 meters long... Tell us your requirement and we will write a specification and produce a quality-based part number assigned to what you need.

roll of Mylar film tubing

Is tubing more appropriate for your application? If you need a film roll that is pre-sealed on two sides to easily make pouches of various lengths, check out our selection of MylarFoil tubing.

If you are in urgent need of material and you need our attention, email us first then call. But always email us first with what you need and put "Rollstock" in the subject line.

VFFS machine packaging for rollstock

HFFS machine packaging for rollstock

VFFS machine

example VFFS machine

What is FFS?

FFS stands for "Form Fill Seal." These automated systems take laminate film rollstock and use it to create, fill, and seal pouches with product quickly and easily. Invented in 1936, these machines are widely used around the world, and are available in vertical (VFFS) and horizontal (HFFS) varieties.

vertical form fill and seal machine diagram

Vertical Form Fill and Seal system diagram
(source: ResearchGate)

Rollstock materials are silver in color and sold in 200 yard lengths standard (unless otherwise noted)
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Looking for rollstock using Military Grade MIL-PRF-81705E film?

Width Part Number Material Thickness
2.583" O.D. RLVF4W02538M1000 PAKVF4W 4.5 mils
22.5" O.D. RLVF4CW225M1K PAKVF4C 5.0 mils
24" O.D. RLVF41C24200YD PAKVF4C100 5.0 mils
36" O.D. MS360-36Y200 MARVELSEAL 5.2 mils
36" O.D. 2CY36UF5C131K MIL-PRF-131K 5.4 mil
48" O.D. MS360-48Y200 MARVELSEAL 5.2 mils
48" O.D. 2CY48UF5C131K MIL-PRF-131K 5.4 mils


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Thin 7" white foil rollstock with 3" core
About: 2.538" x 1000m White Rollstock on a 3" corrugated core.   Quantity:..
white mylarfoil rollstock
About: 22.5" x 1000 m Rollstock with 3" corrugated core.   Quantity: 1 Roll ..
36" Wide x 200 Yards Marvelseal 360 Rollstock
36" wide x 200 yards long MARVELSEAL 360 rollstock 3" corrugated core ..
48" Wide x 200 Yards MarvelSeal 360 Rollstock
About: 48" x 200 yd. Rollstock with 3" corrugated core.   Quantity: 1 Roll Details:..
36" Wide x 200 Yards MIL-PRF-131 Class 1 Grade 500m Rollstock
36" x 200 yards MIL-PRF-131K Class 1 Grade 500m Rollstock Quantity:  1 Roll Material:&..
48" Wide x 200 Yards MIL-PRF-131 Class 1 Grade 500m Rollstock
48" x 200 yards MIL-PRF-131K Class 1 Grade 500m Rollstock Quantity:  1 Roll Material:&..
big silver foil mylar rolstock on cardboard core
About: 24” O.D. x 200 yards (600 ft.) Roll Stock with 3" corrugated core.   Qua..