drafting and blueprints

Prototyping / Engineering Service Requests
Learn about the benefits of an ESR

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Sealer Rentals
Ask us about sealer models available to rent

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Sealer Repairs
We can fix heat sealers of any make, type, or age

custom graphic designs on pouches

Custom Graphic Design
Give your packaging a high-quality custom printed design

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Custom Packaging
We will help create exactly the type of package you want

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Short Production Runs
We can help customers with low minimum order quantities

FAQ and How-To

chemical composition of Mylar film

What Is Mylar®?
Find out more about this popular film first developed in the 1950s by DuPont

rapid band sealer

How to Choose a Sealer
See different types of sealing machines and their uses

molecular sieve in staydry packets

Why Is Molecular Sieve the Best Desiccant?
Compare how well various desiccants work

various moisture barrier bags

How to Choose a Barrier Bag
With so many pouches available, how do you choose the right one?

chemical composition of ptfe

What is PTFE?
Better known as Teflon®, this material has thousands of applications

hotjaw portable sealer

What Is a Portable Sealer?
Easily moved and managed, these sealers fit all kinds of situations

chamber vacuum sealer

How a Chamber Vacuum Sealer Works
De-mystify this remarkable technology

UL CSA and NSF certification logos

UL, CSA, & NSF Certifications
Have you ever wondered what quality standards these logos represent?

various reclosable zipper seals

Reclosable Features Guide
The many ways bags can be repeatedly opened and sealed closed

Popular Articles

History of Reclosable Zipper Bags

various reclosable zipper bags

Learn How Zipper Bags Have Evolved to What We Offer Today

Reclosable zipper bags started as vinyl binder inserts and over time evolved to clear sandwich bags. Today IMPAK Corporation’s product line represents the expansive possibilities now available. From child resistant zippers, to zippers made to address the challenges of packaging powder and liquid. Learn more about our innovative zippers and their applications. [Learn More]