WeLoc Sealing clips act as a convenient heatless sealer in two sizes


IMPAK's industrial grade sealing clips are manufactured from high grade durable plastic and are ideal for a wide variety of applications. We call them "heatless sealers" because of their ability to provide a water-tight seal on a non-zippered bag. For food storage and preservation, these clips save money and reduce waste by keeping foods fresh with an air and watertight seal when used properly.

Industrial applications include but are not limited to in-process materials, storage of devices that must be kept clean and have an original pouch you can use for differentiation, and many, many more.


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WeLoc Sealing Clip standing open to display dual fin clip
Heatless Sealers: White Industrial Grade Sealing Clip Seal Length:  8.625" Total Len..
Side profile of slightly open 12.5 inch long sealing clip for a heatless seal
Heatless Sealers: 12.5" White Industrial Grade Sealing Clip Seal Length:  12.5" Total Len..
Black industrial heatless sealing clips holding flexible film pouch full of candy closed
Heatless Sealers: Black Industrial Grade Sealing Clips (Pack of 5) Seal Length:  6" Total..