See IMPAK products in the field and explore how we've gone the extra mile to solve problems for our customers.
products in action graphic

Products in Action
See some of IMPAK's sealing machines and flexible packaging products as used by our valued customers

custom sealer with external vacuum pump

HDHF Vacuum Sealer Reduces Costs
Learn how IMPAK helped a major clean energy producer save time and money

custom sealer with external vacuum pump

Sealer with Multiple Seal Widths
We modified a large heavy duty heat sealer to have two seal width options

drum liners

Drum Liner Solutions
No matter the application, we can find or produce a drum liner to fit your needs

repair graphic with wrench

We Can Fix Anything
If it's a heat sealer of any make or model, send it to us for repair

color wheel

IMPAK Solves Color Printing Challenges
Learn more about choosing the right combinations of color and material

custom yorker spout

Looking for a Custom Fitment?
We can develop a custom fitment for your spout bag

RapidSealer rotary band sealer

We Modify RapidSealers to Fit Your Needs
See how we have customized these popular sealers

double chamber vacuum sealer

Chamber Sealer and Flexible Packaging Solutions
How IMPAK helped one customer to grow and grow

miracle mud custom spout bags

High Performance Custom Spout Bags
The right combination of packaging materials and printing makes a difference

custom heat sealer for Galloway

Galloway Chooses IMPAK for Advanced Custom Sealer
We helped a food producer solve a tricky problem

artwork made from wood

Preserving Wood Art with Oxygen Absorbers
Using sorbent systems science to save a work of art

custom large chamber vacuum sealer

Pushing Our Chamber Vacuum Sealer Capabilities
Meeting the challenge to build our largest sealer to date

custom dispenser tip pouches

Convenient Solutions for Packaging of Liquids
How a dispenser tip pouch was ideal for packaging energy gel

large scale vacuum sealer with platform

Advancing Vacuum Sealing Technology
This massive project allowed a customer to ship seafood overseas unfrozen

custom stand up pouches

How Stand Up Pouches Drive Sales
Upgrading to a custom printed stand up pouch enhances profits

impulse sealer used in a work center

The Right Sealer for the Job
IMPAK helped this work center with an easy-to-use sealer

aero custom spouted pouches

Spouted Pouches for Automotive Wax
AERO worked with us to find the right pouch for their product

portable sealer with intelligent temperature control

Intelligent Hand Held Sealing
Upgrading a customer's hand held sealer with a temperature controlled system

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