drum liners

IMPAK’s protective drum liners are manufactured from high-barrier foil Mylar laminate and have a flat, round bottom that allows them to conform to the interior of drums and pails. Unlike clear poly drum inserts, these Mylar versions drastically increase the shelf life of contents while protecting from moisture, light, and oxygen. In addition to protecting contents, these barrel liners protect barrels themselves, converting any drum or pail to a food-safe storage container.

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High Temperature Applications:

LDPE (176°F), HDPE (194°F), PP (320°F), PA (356°F)

** Scroll down to see IMPAK's standard 5- and 55-gallon drum liners in heavy-duty 5 mil thick proprietary material or start the process of customizing drum liners in various sizes and materials. **

"We regularly deal with fine powders that create a lot of dust. With our old liners, we had trouble getting a good seal. With the [drum liners from IMPAK], no problems sealing through the dust."

- Process Engineer, Major U.S. Agribusiness

Benefits of Mylar Drum Liners

Mylar drum inserts provide a much better barrier against light, oxygen and other environmental contaminants, especially when heat sealed. Compared to other manufacturers' liners, IMPAK’s proprietary food-safe laminate and thicker construction help ensure product integrity while making processing and clean-up more convenient.

  • Keep drum clean / prevent contamination from the drum
  • Prevent unwanted contamination
  • Protect environmentally sensitive products
  • Extend product shelf-life
  • Provide waterproof protection
  • Block oxygen, light, and scent
  • Add protection for shipping
  • Optimize filling/handling/transitioning products
  • Make drums food-safe

Applications for Drum Liners

IMPAK’s round bottom drum liners can turn any drum into an air-tight storage container. These inserts are BPA-free and meet FDA specifications for food safety, are heat sealable for better protection, and are readily available in standard sizes or by custom order.

  • Industrial Adhesives
  • Resins & Compounds
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Excipients & Active Ingredients
  • Moisture Sensitive Powders
  • Ink, Paints, Coatings and Other Liquids
  • Cosmetic Products / Materials
  • Bulk Foods for Long Term Food Storage:
    • Grains, Cereals, Beans, Rice, Flour, Spices, Nuts & Seeds, Coffee & Tea

IMPAK will soon be featuring semi-rigid molded drum liners made from polyethylene and polypropylene. These liners speed up production significantly and are available in 55 and 5 gallon sizes, with lids. Contact one of our technical experts to find out more about this exciting new product.

55 gallon semi rigid drum liner
semi-rigid drum liners on a pallet
5 gallon semi rigid drum liners



Liners for All Types of Drums

5 Mil Thick Mylar Drum / Pail Liners from IMPAK come in two sizes which are ideal for 5- and 55-gallon drums. For 1-gallon drums, 30-gallon drums, or any other size drum all the way up to 110 gallons, contact us for a custom order. We offer surprisingly low minimum order quantities and can provide a range of custom materials.

5 Gallon Bucket Liner

5 Gallon Drum Liners

These Mylar bags for 5-gallon buckets are a food storage favorite, and easily convert any 5-gallon bucket into a food-safe container for long term storage. Other applications range from ingredient processing to paints and liquid storage.

55 gallon drum liner

55 Gallon Drum Liners

55-gallon protective liners help increase processing efficiency with bulk products, and like all of IMPAK’s heavy-duty Mylar bags, they offer enhanced barrier protection and excellent tensile strength to resist punctures and tears.

salvage drum liner

110 Gallon Salvage Drum Liners

Steel salvage drums are robust containers used in chemical and waste industries to store and transport damaged or leaky containers with hazardous materials. They undergo pressure tests to prevent leakage. Originally produced for a specific industrial scale customer.

fiber drum liners

Fiber Drum Liners
(10 gal - 75 gal)

Whether you need drum liners for 10 gallons, 15 gallons, 30 gallons, or any other capacity, our experts are ready to assist. Reach out to us today for personalized guidance in choosing the perfect liner for your application.

custom drum liners

Customize Your Drum Liner

At IMPAK, we provide both standard 5-gallon and 55-gallon drum liners, and our expertise extends to crafting custom liners to meet your specific needs. With over 48 sets of tooling, we excel in producing multi-layer barrier films using premium materials such as PAKSAFE320, PAKVF4PCA, PAKVF4CWSL, and more.

Examples of IMPAK's drum liner diameters. Click here to view complete sizing table.

  • 2.32” (59mm)
  • 5.51” (140mm)
  • 7.87” (200mm)
  • 11.02” (280mm)
  • 12.20” (310mm)
  • 12.80” (325mm)
  • 13.78” (350mm)
  • 18.90” (480mm)
  • 22.44” (570mm)
  • 23.23” (590mm)
  • 30.71” (780mm)
  • 41.73” (1,060mm)

Interested in the World's Biggest Drum Liner?

Need a Sample?

While free samples are available for many of our pouches, we are not able to offer this for drum liners. The FDA quality documentation and the amount of material and time that goes into even a small bag makes this challenging. However, we do apply 100% of the sample charge toward any eventual order. To place a sample order, Contact IMPAK.

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freestanding silver foil drum liner pouch with form sealed round bottom
About:  8.375" x 15.75" H x 4.75" D O.D 1 Gallon (~3.75 liter) MylarFoil Drum Liner Quant..
13.125" x 13" H x 8.0" Diameter MylarFoil Drum Liner
About:  13.125" x 13" H x 8.0" Diameter MylarFoil Drum Liner Quantity: 10 bags/ca..
silver circular lid for drum liners
About: 12.5" Diameter MylarFoil Circle Lid for Drum Liners (size appropriate for aprox. 5 gallon ..
clear pail liner cylindrical bag
Description: 17.25" x 17.75" x 11.0" 5 Gallon (19 Liter) Commercial Pail Liners. Quantity: 10 b..
19.25" x 24.5" H x 11" D Mylar Foil Drum Liner
About: 19.25" x 24.0" H x 11" Diameter 5 Gallon (19 Liter) PAKVF4PCA MylarFoil Drum Liner Quan..
standing silver foil rounded bottom bag
About:  22.625" x 19.625" H x 13.75" D O.D 5 Gallon (19 Liter) MylarFoil Drum Liner. Quan..
Tall 5 gallon bucket liner
Description: 18.25" x 27.5" x 11.0" 5 Gallon (19 Liter) Clear Nylon Drum Liner Quantity: 50 b..
5 gallon drum pail liners with narrow white bucket
NOTE: This item is also available in PALLET QUANTITIES (Pallet quantity = 300 bags) A..
bottom of pail liners and example in a white bucket
About: 18.25" x 25.25" H x 11" Diameter MylarFoil Drum Liner These bags work well with 5 or 6 ..
silver foul liner bag next to narrow white bucket
NOTE: This item is also available in PALLET QUANTITIES (Pallet quantity = 300 bags) A..
5 Gal [19L] - 5 mil - 18.5" x 19.5" H x 11.0" D MylarFoil Drum Liner
Description: 18.5” x 19.5” H x D 11” D PAKVF4LHT Low Temp & High Temp Drum Liner PAKVF..
Black metal 30 gal drum see through to show high barrier liner inside
About: 27.5" x 34" x 16" D PAKVF4 Mylar Foil 30 Gallon (110 Liter) Drum Liner Quantity: 30 ..
single mylarfoil silver drum liner top
About: 28" Diameter MylarFoil Circle Lid for Drum Liners (size appropriate for aprox. 55 gallon b..
clear pail liner cylindrical bag
Description: 35.5" x 47.25" x 22.50"  55 Gallon (208 Liter) Commercial Drum Liner. Quantity..
35.875” x 45" H x 22.75” Mylar Foil Drum Liner35.875” x 45" H x 22.75” Mylar Foil Drum Liner
About: 35.875" x 45" with a 22.75" Diameter OD 55 gallon (208 Liter) PAKVF4PCA MylarFoil Drum Lin..
Large silver foil drum liner standing next to blue barrel drum
NOTE: This item is also available in PALLET QUANTITIES (Pallet quantity = 200 bags) About: 38...
silver mylar foil high barrier drum liner next to blue barrel
About: 38.75" x 54" with a 23.25” Diameter OD 55 gallon (208 Liter) PAKVF4PCA MylarFoil Drum Line..
single filled barrel liner foil silver
About: 37.375" x 35.4375"H x 23.625" Diameter 55 gallon (208 Liter) MylarFoil Drum Liner with 2" ..
38.75" x 54" H x 23.25" D MylarFoil Drum Liner
NOTE: This item is also available in PALLET QUANTITIES (Pallet quantity = 300 bags) About: 3..
55 Gal [208L] - 5 mil - 39.6" x 53" x 23.6" Diameter PAKSAFE320 High Temp Drum Liner (10/case) - DLPKSHBTD2325
Description 39.6" x 53" x 23.6" Diameter 55 Gallon (208 Liter) PAKSAFE320 Drum Liners.  ..
two pack of large mylarfoil silver drum liners
Description 39.6" x 53" x 23.6" Diameter 55 Gallon (208 Liter) PAKSAFE320 Drum Liners. Suitable ..
110 gal drum liner
Description 49" W x 59" H x 30.5" D 110 Gallon (416 Liter) PAKSAFE320 High Temp..
large drum liner
Introducing the world's biggest drum liner, designed for a leading cosmetic company! Description ..
66.5" W x 59" H x 41.75" D MylarFoil Drum Liner
Introducing the world's biggest drum liner, designed for a leading cosmetic company! Description ..