Cup & Tray sealers first became popular with users for sealing Boba tea drinks. Now people use them for almost every imaginable consumable application. These easy to use machines utilize pressure and heat to apply a “lidding” film over your plastic cups or trays. Simply fill the cup or tray, and load it into the holder.  The seal serves double-duty; preserving product freshness while functioning as tamper-evident packaging. These sealers are great for soups, gelato, yogurts, ice cream, sauces as well as any other snack food item.

We stock manual, semi-automatic and automatic models.

·         IMPAK’s Cup & Tray Sealers feature heavy duty steel construction.

·         Beautifully designed, durable, compact and lightweight.

·         Can accommodate all shapes, round, bowl, rectangular, square, hexagonal and oval.

·         Can seal containers made of EPS, PS, PP, etc.

·         Widely used in medical, food and beverage industries.

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CS95A: Automatic cup / tray sealer machine
Automatic circular cup / tray sealing machine with 3.70" O.D. Features Include: Automatic F..
CS95SM: Manual cup / tray sealer machine
Manual cup / tray sealing machine with 3.70" O.D. Features Include: Manual Functions Idea..
CS95SA: Semi-Automatic circular cup / tray sealer machine
Semi-Automatic Circular Cup / Tray Sealing Machine with 3.70" O.D. Features Include: Semi-A..