DriBox will remove the moisture (and thus prevent corrosion) in a sealed 3 cubic ft. area. A safe is a good example of a sealed area, as is a tool box with a gasket. When used in a sealed area, the DriBox may not have to be re-generated for over a year. The DriBox will also assist in the prevention of corrosion, mildew, and other problems caused by humidity in unsealed containers. It has worked in fishing tackle boxes, plastic clothing storage containers, wooden boxes used to store collectibles and even plastic bags.

Part Number Description 1 Bag 1 Case 2+ Cases Shop
1494SB99 45.5 Gram indicating silica gel DriBox; 4 per MylarFoil bag $16.95 $15.00 $12.92 BUY
1494SB99CS 45.5 Gram indicating silica gel DriBox; 24/case - $110.25 $82.70 BUY
1494OSB99CS 45.5 Gram Orange Indicating Silica Gel DriBox; contains no cobalt chloride; 2" x 2" x 1"; 24/case - $110.25 $82.70 BUY
1494MS99IP 35 Gram off-white molecular sieve dribox $19.96 $99.84 $89.64 BUY

Dribox Application: Silica gel protects cameras, lenses, computer parts, binoculars, and other items against fungus, mold, and corrosion. When silica gel changes color to pink, it may be recycled, by heating in a microwave oven for 15-20 seconds or until color turns back to blue. For conventional ovens: 3 hours at 240°F.

Latest Application: These rechargable desiccant cartridges are an absolute must for storing 3D printer filament. Whether you use a glass jar or one of our foil ziplock bags - these are a great combination.

Check out HumiSafeTM Moisture Protection System = barrier bag + silica gel DriBox

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