five pound bag of clay desiccant

Our five-pound Desiccant Bags are perfect for customers needing to lower the humidity (moisture) around large products, such as sofas, tables and other items meant to be kept dry.

Desiccants work best when sealed in an enclosed area. Our five-pound bag of clay effectively lowers the relative humidity for 160 square feet. IMPAK suggest pairing the Desiccant Bags with a Humidity Indicator Card to monitor relative humidity, and when it is time to replace the clay. The clay is housed in an air-permeable cloth bag, so there’s no need to spread the desiccant out.

Applications include:

  • Bulk thermoplastic resins
  • Shipping containers
  • Controlled RH environments
  • Artifact display cases
  • Sensitive commodity storage facilities
  • Large controlled environments
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