This is IMPAK's comprehensive guide for long term food storage. It's a guide for you to prepare for any natural disaster or emergency that comes your way. If you are preparing for the possibility of a food shortage or disaster, IMPAK supplies the necessary materials for long-term food and product storage. These are general suggestions and may not apply to all applications. If you have different applications or conditions applying to your food storage you may need a more "custom" food storage system. We are glad to answer any questions and help recommend the best storage system for your application.

For Long Term Food Storage (LTFS), you need to have the following things; MylarFoil bags, oxygen absorbrs, and heat sealers.

MylarFoil bags are the base to LTFS success. These specific bags provide you with the protection that you need to make sure your food doesn't spoil over time. Salts, pastas, sugars, oats, and grains are all susceptible to decay from light, oxygen, and water. Mylar bags prevent these elements from degrading your food by blocking out the light and reducing the amount of moisture and oxygen that can enter the bag over time. Check out our bundles to get started.  LEARN MORE

Oxygen Absorbers will continue to protect your goods throughout the time your food is stored. Oxygen can be detrimental to food because it oxidizes complex fats, carbohydrates (sugars), and proteins. The oxygen scavengers work in a two-step process by eliminating the amount of oxygen that is in your MylarFoil Bag initially and it will continue to keep at below 0.1% during the time that your food is stored. Our Bundles match the perfect sized oxygen absorber with the right Mylarfoil bag. LEARN MORE

IMPAK's Heat sealers make sure that you have a perfect and consistent seal every time. Other sites will recommend using other methods of sealing, but to make sure that you have a consistent seal for all of your packages, be sure to use the Constant Heat Hot Jaw Sealer is the best item on the market. This hand held unit can handle quart size bags all the way up to the 5 gallon pail liners. With an approximate 0.5" seal, this sealer makes sure your food is protected for many years. LEARN MORE

5 Gallon Bucket Liners

Are you packaging in 5 gallon buckets? We offer Mylar-Foil Drum Liners, including on sizes for 5 gallon buckets.

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5 Gallon Bundle: 19.5" x 29" Flat Mylar Bags - 10EA & 1500cc Oxygen Absorber - 10EA
Long Term Food Storage, 5 Gallon Bundle 19.5" x 29" OD Barrier Flat Mylar Bag for 5 Gallon D..
CTN35M0810FC - 8" x 10" OD PAKVF3.5M Pouch; (1000/case)
8.0" x 10.0" OD Shiny Silver MylarFoil bag with tear notch 1.5" from flush cut open end This..
CTN35M0812FC - 8" x 12" OD PAKVF3.5M Pouch; (2000/case)
8.0" x 12.0" OD Metalized Silver Pouch with Tear Notch 1.5" from Open End Food grade PAKV..
RBW1825H2775D11: 18.25" x 27.5" H x 11" Diameter MylarFoil Drum liner; 10/case"
18.25" x 27.5" H x 11" Diameter  MylarFoil Drum liner; 10/case" These bags work well with 5 ..
SF30CS6K Bag - 30cc Oxygen Absorber (200 packets/bag)
30cc Oxygen Absorber. 20cc and 30cc are 'preferred' sizes for 2oz and 4oz beef jerky packages 20..
SF50CS5K Bag - 50cc Oxygen Absorber (200 packets/bag)
50cc Oxygen Absorbers Good for containers of a quart size or smaller.  Perfect for 6 x 6 Myl..
SF100CS2500 Bag - 100cc Oxygen Absorber (100 packets/bag)
100cc Oxygen absorbers Suggest using 3 of these in a #10 can or equivalent size container. ..
SF200CS1500 - 200cc Oxygen Absorber (1,500 packets/case)
200cc Oxygen Absorbers. Use with medium sized bag when not vacuuming. 50 packets/bag, 1500 packe..
SF300CS1500 - 300cc Oxygen Absorber (1,500/case)
300cc Oxygen Absorbers. Use one for a #10 can or equivalent size. You can also use a number of thes..
DLPCA1925H245D11: 19.25" x 24.5" H x 11" Diameter PAKVF4PCA MylarFoil Drum liner; 10/case
About: 19.25" x 24.5" H x 11" Diameter PAKVF4PCA MylarFoil Drum line Quantity: 10 bags/case..
IPK-305H: 12" Tabletop Hand Impulse Sealer - 5mm Seal
Impulse Tabletop Heat Hand Sealer Seal Length:  12" (300 mm) Seal Width: 5mm Analog te..
IPK-308H: 12" Tabletop Hand Impulse Sealer - 8mm Seal
Impulse Tabletop Heat Hand Sealer with 8mm Seal Seal Length:  12" (300 mm) Seal Width: 8 ..
IPKHS-606T: 6" Hand Held HotJaw™ Sealer
This sealer has a PTFE coating on the jaws which allow it to reach very high temperatures and seal t..
KF108 - Keep Fresh Home and Lab Vacuum Sealer
The KeepFresh 108 retractable nozzle vacuum sealer is designed to be used right out of the box and c..
DBB035ZRC - 6.69" x 11" x 3.5" Black/Black Bag MylarFoil Stand Up Pouches (Pack of 100)
6.69" x 11" x 3.5" OD Black/Black MylarFoil Stand Up Pouch Bag with ZipSeal and Tear Notch. ..
IPK-405H: 16" Tabletop Hand Impulse Sealer - 5mm Seal
Impulse Tabletop Heat Hand Sealer Seal Length:  16" (400 mm) Seal Width:  5mm ..
IPK-505H: 20" Tabletop Hand Impulse Sealer - 5mm Seal
Tabletop Heat Impulse Hand Sealer Seal Length:  20" (500 mm) Seal Width:  5mm Ana..
IPKFP-606T: 6" Hand Held HotJaw™ Sealer with Foot Pedal
This kit is designed for hands free operation on almost any material, including very thick laminatio..