Gramatech Chamber Sealer and Flexible Packaging Solutions Help Chubby Snacks Achieve Success at Every Stage of Explosive Growth!

Flexible Packaging Solutions for Every Stage:

We also assisted Chubby Snacks progress from initially using stock pouches, that required to be cut down, with hand applied litho labels to the final solution of rotogravure preprinted pouches. (See stages below.)

The original unprinted or labeled pouch is available for purchase:

IMPAK designed and produced the second generation, custom printed pouch for Chubby and is now available for purchase here (unprinted):

Challenge: Keep the packaging process simple and provide a pathway to increased throughput as sales exploded.

IMPAK helps Chubby Snacks bring an innovative, organic twist to the peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich through explosive growth stages and rapidly increasing throughput requirements. Their creative and simple approach to ingredients selection and product development was used to help IMPAK develop the right packaging process and flexible pouch. (add) Because there are no preservatives or stabilizers included in the product, and due to the softness of it, selection of pouch material and sealer were important. A chamber sealer with gas flushing capabilities provided the preservation level required by Chubby Snacks.

Chamber Sealer Solutions for Every Stage:

First, a Gramatech entry level, table top chamber sealer with gas flush option was used for experimentation and startup volumes. Next, a larger chamber sealer was needed to meet accelerating demand for their products. Last, a double chamber sealer to meet demands of a full production schedule.

1. Stage 1: Gramatech Tabletop CHTC-280F Chamber Sealer (April-2020)

  • With optional gas flush, Chubby Snacks was able to launch their product and immediately achieve increased shelf life.

2. Stage 2: Gramatech CHTC-420LR: Stainless-Steel Chamber Vacuum Sealer (Nov-2020)

  • Larger chamber size and longer seal bars increased throughput from 2 pouches per cycle to 8 pouches per cycle.

3. Stage 3: Gramatech CHDC-640: Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer (March-2021)

  • Much larger, dual chambers and longer seal bars increased throughput from 8 pouches per cycle to 20 pouches per cycle.