Need a hand held heat sealer with temperature controlled sealing?

Left: New - Siemens HMI temp controller (replaced TIC and timer) and seal clamp. Right: Prior to upgrade with old technology TIC (thermal impulse controller.)

IMPAK Hand Held Impulse Heat Sealers are available with 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 and 26 inch seal lengths. Comes standard with timed heat. [See more details here]

IMPAK was contacted by a large firm that manufactures plastic films with a challenge; upgrade a hand held heat sealer with old technology TIC (temperature impulse controller) and timer so that precise heat and cool temps can be measured and monitored. The heat sealer is used in their QC Lab and research and design lab to construct and test prototypes.

The customer had a hand held heat sealer that was produced by Aline Corporation ( that was no longer functioning. Although Aline went bankrupt in 2012, IMPAK Corporation’s Machinery Group is committed to supporting and manufacturing all of the sealing units that were previously produced by Aline. They were hoping to repair the sealer quickly and economically.

Our engineering staff evaluated their sealer and quickly realized that an upgrade to our iS2 (Intelligent Sealing System) was a perfect solution! Our iS2 is an Advanced Control System platform for Heat Sealers that utilizes a Siemens PLC, Siemens HMI and proprietary pneumatic and electrical components. The iS2 System delivers precise controls of time, temperature and pressure, with options to store up to 100 recipes for repeated use. Originally developed to answer the need for validation in medical pouch sealers, because it is scalable, the iS2 platform quickly expanded beyond tabletop units as we introduced customers to the range of controls available with such a system. [See more details here]

Video - Case Study: Upgrading to an Intelligent Sealing System Platform

Siemens HMI stores up to 100 recipes

Example screen shot

IMPAK engineering group rose to the challenge and quickly and economically adapted our iS2 to their existing Hand Held Sealer within their existing enclosure.

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