New Pocket Zipper Pouches - Pre-Made or Custom Printed

Pull-Tab Pocket Zipper Bags with Side Gusset & Flat Bottom

Pocket Zipper PouchesMatte Black Pocket Zipper Bag

Pre-zippered or "pocket-zipper" bags offer convenience for packagers and end-users alike. For the packager, products can be filled past the zipper without becoming trapped in the zipper tracks. This is because the zipper is protected and positioned on one side of the bag, whereas traditional zippers are located on each side of the bag, which means contents can become trapped in the zipper during the fill process. Pocket zipper bags are also convenient for consumers because they are "tamper-evident" and assure the customer that contents are safe and untampered with. Once the pull-tab has been torn away, consumers are able to access the standard press to close zipper hidden beneath. This offers a satisfying opening experience, and the convenience of being reclosable for repeated access.

Pocket Zipper Advantages:

  • Fill Process is Easy (Simply Fill & Seal)
  • Powder & Particles Do Not Get Trapped in Zipper
  • Pouches are Tamper Evident
  • Great Customer Appeal & Satisfaction

Flat Bottom / Side Gusset Advantages:

  • Flat Bottom is Very Stable
  • Side Gusset Offers Great Capacity
  • Flat Package "Face" for Great Graphics (Side-Seal Pouches Have a Curved "Face")

Pre-Made, Ready to Order Options:

Pocket Zipper BagsPocket Zipper Bag - open

6.0" x 8.25" x 2.875" Matte Black Flat Bottom Stand Up Pouch with Pocket Zipper P/N: 06MB02875SG0825Z  [here]

IMPAK is capable of providing customers with a wide range of stand-out features such as pocket zippers, child resistant zippers, slider zippers and more, and has film capabilities in frosted film, matte with gloss accents, metallic, holographic and more.

Work with our Custom Print Specialists to create your own unique package.

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