New Rice Paper Stand Up Pouches with Clear Windows

A "label-ready" option with low minimum orders.

Translucent rice paper bags with a "crystal clear" window are an excellent option for brands in need of a label-ready package with unique shelf-appeal.

These stand up pouches have a rice paper finish on the outside, and a food-grade inner layer. They enjoy the look of rice paper, but the durability of IMPAK's standard multi-layered pouches. Customers from cosmetics to natural foods are able to select a shelf-ready package that appeals to customers and is easily labeled. This means easy product and label changes with no wasted packaging. In the stages before moving to custom-printed packaging, this flexibility is crucial.

The rice paper pouches are heat-sealable; a header above the zipper may be heat sealed to protect contents until they reach the end user. A tear notch allows the user to remove the header, exposing the reclosable zipper.

Pre-Made, Ready to Order Options:

Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouch with WindowRice Paper Stand-Up Pouch (back)Rice Paper Stand-Up Pouch (bottom)

5.0" x 8.0" x 3.0" Rice Paper Stand Up Pouch with Window P/N: BRPWD03ZRC [here]

Rice Paper Bag with WindowRice Paper Bag with Window (back)Rice Paper Bag with Window (bottom)

4.0" x 6.41" x 2.25" Rice Paper Stand Up Pouch with Window P/N: ARPWD02ZRC [here]

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IMPAK offers "crystal clear" versions of the frosted bags in the same size. Shown side by side for comparison above. 

"Crystal Clear" Stand Up Bags:

5" x 8" x 3" Clear Stand Up Bags, P/N: BMP03Z [here] *rounded corners only available by request

4” x 6.41” x 2.25” Clear Stand Up Bags, P/N: AMP02ZRC [here] *rounded corners only available by request

Frost Stand Up Bags:

5" x 8" x 3" Frost Stand Up Bags, P/N: BMMPF03ZRC [here] 

4” x 6.41” x 2.25” Frost Stand Up Bags, AMMPF02ZRC [here]


IMPAK is capable of providing customers with a wide range of stand-out features such as frosted film, matte with gloss accents, metallic, holographic and more.

Work with our Custom Print Specialists to create your own unique package.

Learn more about custom printed packaging with IMPAK [here]