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Popular Articles

Benefits of an ESR / Prototype Order

Learn How a Prototype Could Save You Time and Money

The purpose of an ESR is to minimize costs and insure the ideal package is chosen/created before a large order is fulfilled. It is often essential for customers who want to test a package with their product application/composition. We offer an ESR so that a “prototype” may be created. In some cases, an ESR is effective in determining that a product idea should be revised before production. [Learn More]

Challenges in Printed Packaging

Learn How Printing on Film Differs from Printing on Paper

IMPAK is known for our ability to advise customers on packaging highly sensitive medical products, but our ability to deliver complex color solutions is something our customer MPL Inc. recently discovered (after some challenges). Read how IMPAK’s print specialists solved one company’s color conundrum and how printing on film differs from printing on paper. [Learn More] 

Spouts & Fitments for Flexible Packaging

Learn How Fitments and Spouts Help Brands Transition to Flexible Packaging

At IMPAK we design and produce flexible packaging with unique fitments that meet the varied needs of our customers whose industries range from pharmaceutical to food and beverage. Spouts and fitments offer new functionality to flexible packaging and open this format to new markets. The light-weight on-the-go convenience of spouted bags has long appealed to the food and beverage industry, but thanks to new innovations in fitment technology and barrier films, fitment pouches are gaining traction for a broader range of products such as household cleaners and gardening items. IMPAK offers both stock and custom-made spout bags. [Learn More] 

History of Reclosable Zipper Bags

Learn How Zipper Bags Have Evolved to What We Offer Today

Reclosable zipper bags started as vinyl binder inserts and over time evolved to clear sandwich bags. Today IMPAK Corporation’s product line represents the expansive possibilities now available. From child resistant zippers, to zippers made to address the challenges of packaging powder and liquid. Learn more about our innovative zippers and their applications. [Learn More]

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