High Barrier Square Bottom Bag

IMPAK’s protective square bottom bags are manufactured from high barrier MylarFoil material and have a flat bottom which allows them to lay flat on a pallet for easy stacking inside. Unlike transparent bags these foil bags offer much better protection from oxygen, water vapor, UV light and water.

Benefits of the PalletPak™

Protect palletized products during storage, shipping and handling. Learn more about how MylarFoil square bottom bags can help by contacting us today: sales15@impakcorporation.com.

  • Block oxygen, water vapor, UV light
  • Increase shelf life
  • Prevent contamination
  • Protect environmentally sensitive products
  • Ensure safe transit during transit, especially important for overseas shipments which may experience “container rain”

Features of the PalletPak™ from IMPAK

  • BPA free and meets FDA specifications for food safety materials
  • Open at the top for hermetic heat sealing after being filled
  • Flat bottom ensures even loading
  • 5 mils thick multi-layer lamination with aluminum foil
  • Readily available in both our CA and FL locations
  • Custom sizes or shapes also available

How to Seal the PalletPak™

  • IPH-606T - 6" Hand Held HotJaw™ Sealer
  • 15HHI110 - 15" Hand Held Impulse Heat Sealer - Made in USA
  • LFIG - Vertical Large Frame Industrial Grade Sealer

Recommended Desiccant for the PalletPak™

IMPAK recommends adding our 5lb. (80 units) Clay Desiccant Bag (Part Number: LDT800-01) to your PalletPak™ prior to sealing to reduce RH levels.

Need a Sample?

While many of our pouches are available as free samples, this is not an item in which we are able to do that. The FDA quality documentation and the amount of material and time that goes into in even a small bag makes this a difficult challenge. We can provide a sample of one (1) bag for $25.00. To place a sample order, Contact IMPAK

Note: Application and seal method must be pre-approved prior to receiving sample order. Only one (1) sample allowed per company.

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45.0" x 45.0" x 90.0" PalletPak MylarFoil Side Gusset Pouch - 45MFD45SG90PP
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