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The conventional 1.5L spouted pouch accommodates two 750mL glass bottles of wine. Its spout and Vitop® tap simplify dispensing for products like juice, beer, and wine. Fitted with handles for easy carrying, our spouted pouches are perfect for on-the-go convenience. We stock the standard 1.5L spouted pouch, but we also have the capability to manufacture larger-sized spouted packaging. Read more about the Advantages of SpoutPAK™ Flexible Packaging.

Efficient hand-filling with Vitop taps: Specialized filling stand for easy tap insertion and leak-free seals in liquid product operations.

The uniquely designed filling stand serves as an indispensable tool for hand-filling operations, specifically tailored for compatibility with Vitop taps. This stand excels in allowing users to effortlessly insert the tap body into the gland, securely positioning it in place. This feature ensures a reliable and leak-free seal, contributing to the overall efficiency of the filling process. Without the aid of this specialized machine, inserting the tap into the gland, especially with liquid product inside, becomes a challenging task, emphasizing the crucial role this stand plays in streamlining operations and maintaining product integrity.

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white barrel standing pouch for liquids with black pour spout and top fill screw cap
About: 7.87" x 9.97" x 6.0" OD White Stand Up Barrel Pouch with 33 mm (inside dimension) top fill..
wooden barrel print on a standing barrel pouch with bottom spigot
About: 8.625" x 11.375" x 6.0" OD Stock "Barrel" Printed Stand Up Barrel Pouch with Pouch Tap Spo..
1.4L White Stand Up Pouch with 33mm Spout and Handle
About: 7.25" x 10.0" x 6.0" OD Fill-N-Go White/White SpoutPAK™ with Tamper Evident Pouc..
single barrel pouch with red dispensing tip and handle holes
About: 7.875" x 10.625" x 6.0" OD White/White Stand Up Barrel Pouch with Pouch Tap Spout/Spigot. ..