The struggle to keep Oxygen from reducing food products shelf life is not new. For some products however, a one size fits all packaging solution will not provide the support needed for a sucessful product. As copackers and roasters who work with whole coffee beans know, some products have an additional layer of environmental requirements you need to be mindful of. For cases like those, we work with customers to find or manufacture the perfect packaging solution with options like one way Degassing valves and/or other fitments. 


Coffee Off-Gassing

     As a natural biproduct of the coffee bean roasting process, beans will gain a large amount of Carbon Dioxide and other gases from the heat. These gasses will seep out of the beans - quickly at first, but slowing to a gradual rate as time goes on. This presents a challenge in keeping the shelf life stable coffee. By sealing the package immediately you prevent oxygen from deteriorating the smell and taste, but creaste an air tight bubble to capture the CO2 like a balloon. Alternatively, waiting long enough for the gases to escape, means exposing the product to Oxygen for prolonged periods that can impact shelf life. The mondern day Degassing Valve was created to address this problem. By allowing the gas inside the package to escape, but not allowing fresh oxygen in the package you ensure better shelf life and quality while avoiding the dangers of inflated, pressurized pouchs on store shelves. 

     While they may come in a variety of designs and styles, at the end of the day all of these fitments do a simple but important job for coffee roasters and shops to make modern technology work towards improvments in everyday items. IMPAK is proud to work with our partners and customers to find the perfect valve to match your product needs. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote, talk to a sales representative today. 

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