IMPAK StikPak TM pouches, also known as Stick Pack pouches, are elongated tube shaped pouch with one fold over side and one tear notch. We stock two StikPakTM sizes;  1.4” x 6” and 1.4” x 4.” P/N 014MFS04BTNFO AND P/N 014MFW06BTNFO. Originally, customers used StikPaks for sugars, sweeteners, creamers  fruit drink powders and health supplements. Now customers use these small tubular pouches to hold everything from medical supplies to lotions ointments, skin treatments and even sensitive electronics. Key to the StikPakTM (Stick Pack) bag universal popularity is the 4.3 mil mylar foil, making the package a perfect barrier to moisture.

Other great advantages of our StikPak pouches include:

  •          Easy dispensing, sleek design.
  •          Vertically stacking, saves shelf space.
  •          Proven reduction in product waste.
All StikPak Pouches
Dimensions Part Number Color Material Thickness Shop
1” x 2.5” 01MFS025BTN Silver PAKVF4 4.3 mil BUY
1.4" x 4" 014MFS04BTNFO Silver PAKVF4 4.3 mil BUY
1.4" x 6" 014MFW06BTNFO White PAKVF4W 4.3 mil BUY
1.75" x 6.0" 0175MFW06BTNFO White PAKVF4W 4.3 mil BUY
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1.75" x 6" White Mylar Foil Pouch; 5,000/case - 0175MFW06BTNFO
About: 1.75" x 6.0" O.D. PAKVF4W White MylarFoil StikPak Pouch with one tear notch and fold over ..
1” x 2.5” Mylar Foil Pouch; (5,000/case) - 01MFS025BTN
About: 1.0” x 2.5” OD PAKVF4 Silver Mylar foil pouch with 0.25" side and bottom seals and tear no..
1.4" x 4" Mylar Foil Pouch; (5,000/case) - 014MFS04BTNFO
1.4" x 4.0" OD PAKVF4 Silver MylarFoil StikPak with One Fold Over Side and Single Tear Notch Mate..
1.4" x 6" White Mylar Foil Pouch; (1000 bags) - 014MFW06BTNFO
1.4" x 6.0" OD PAKVF4W White MylarFoil StikPak with fold over side and one tear notch; 1,000 bags ..