all electric impulse vacuum sealer

IMPAK introduces the first all-electric vacuum sealer following the introduction of our innovative all-electric tube sealer.

The EVS is a nozzle style all-electric industrial vacuum sealer that is outstanding for medical and cleanroom use. IMPAK’s electric sealers have no need for a compressed air source, so these motor-driven units will work more quietly than other pneumatically driven vacuum sealers on the market. Our EVS series sealers are available with 14”, 18”, and 23" seal lengths (350mm, 450mm & 580mm respectively) and either single or dual heating elements. High-quality stainless steel (all polishing STS304-1.5T or 2T) frame and MYCOM controller with the highest industry quality components deliver a production-ready industrial-grade machine that will be reliable and long-lasting in any high production work environment. With a 19” x 14” footprint on the smaller model, these compact units can fit into extremely small places. Even with the highly recommended stainless steel tray, the total footprint on the unit is 19” x 26” on the 18” wide seal bar unit.

Need an upgrade on your Amerivacs machine? Here are our customer's testimonials:

"Compared to the Amerivac units I have had over the years it feels like I never change the elements and in fact I am not even sure where the spare parts kit that I purchased with this fantastic little machine is located."

"Better quality, stainless steel, and built & shipped to me within 4 days of ordering"

"If I was running IMPAK those machines would be priced higher than their competitor" - San Jose, CA Operations Manager

ULINE vacuum sealer

Having trouble with your ULINE Vacuum Sealer?

ULINE is a packaging distribution company that is well known for wide selection, rapid service, and product availability. Some of their products, however, like the H-1075 Vacuum Sealer pictured here, do not hold up to rigorous use. We know this from customers that have come to us when their ULINE sealers have failed them. We invite you to compare IMPAK's line of vacuum sealers to what ULINE has to offer.

Are you considering a ULINE Vacuum Sealer?

One of IMPAK's EVS machines replaced four ULINE units at a major East Coast Bio-Medical Facility. They were experiencing unusually excessive maintenance and repair issues. With our EVS series they saw instant improvement, the cycle time was faster and the quality of the seal was better. They considered the replacement a valuable upgrade well worth the investment.

important point of info

Standard QC'd EVS units are available and ready to ship within 36 hours!

Same Day Processing for an additional $88.00**

**Must Recieve Order before 1:30PM EST

clean room ready

Certified Cleanroom Ready 18" Electric Vacuum Sealers are available and ready to ship

  • Dual heating elements
  • Ships with or without gas flush
  • 40L pump (for a faster vacuum)
  • No external vacuum pump needed

EVS sealer in lab use

Here is an example of our client's medical application of the EVS machine.

  • Small footprint
  • No noise from an air compressor
  • Quick and easy bag sealing
  • High-quality stainless steel body and frame
  • Long-lasting with durable parts

Why are Fuji Impulse Sealers being replaced with IMPAK's EVS units?

fuji brand vacuum sealers

A Matter of Convenience & Control

Fuji Impulse Sealers by Fuji-Sotex of Japan are known for their quality and reliability. So why are companies with working Fuji units replacing them with our EVS units? It comes down to convenience and control.

IMPAK’s EVS units not only allow operators to digitally program 5 different seal recipes, they also allow a keypad lockout that prevents unwanted changes to the recipes. This gives the user peace of mind that their packages are consistent, time after time.

In addition to this added level of control, the EVS units are favored for their convenient operation. Instead of Fuji’s manual nozzle, the EVS units have an automatic nozzle that retracts at the end of the vacuum cycle. This means the EVS can be operated using only the foot switch.

To top it off, the EVS units have a stainless steel frame, which is not only easier to clean, it is also a requirement for many industries.

Interested in learning more? Speak with our specialists.

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IMPAK's all-electric industrial vacuum sealers are outstanding units for medical and clean room use...
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