Thumb-Pocket™ Child Resistant Zipper Pouches
CERTIFIED, PATENTED, Child Resistant, Tamper-Evident with Perfect-Tear Technology, and a Reclosable Zipper 
How to Open
Open following our “industry insider’s” approach: place your thumb as far as possible into the registered mark (indicated by the red box) and pull the zipper open. Try opening it from any other area and you’ll quickly see how truly remarkable the zipper is.

Seals in Freshness (and Scents)
Our “retail-ready” pouch is made from a food-grade, FDA-approved material that not only keeps contents dry and fresh but also locks in scents. Bags are tamper-evident, with a tear notch that offers “perfect-tear” technology so the bag opens in a straight line to expose the reclosable child-resistant zipper. 
Less Material = Source Reduction & Cost Savings
Better Opening Area; Easier to Reclose (as simple as a sandwich bag) 
Label Ready, Child Resistant & Tamper Evident 
Available in Small Minimum Order Quantities – starting at 100 bags
Ideal for State Regulations: Opaque, Child Resistant, Tamper Evident
Safe for Food: Made from FDA-Approved PAKVF3.5MP Material 
Smell-Proof: Seals in Smells & Keeps Contents Fresh
Vacuum Sealable
All Thumb-Pocket™ Zipper Bags
Dimensions Part Number Color Material Thickness Shop
4.0" x 4.125" ZCR0404125TE White PAKVF3.5M 3.5 mil BUY
5.5" x 6.75" ZCR0550675OZE White     BUY
5.5" x 6.75" ZCR0550675TE White     BUY

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4.0" x 4.125" Child-Resistant Thumb-Pocket Zipper Bag
About: 4.0" x 4.125" O.D. (Please note: the header and zipper take up a large portion of this bag..
5.5" x 6.75" OD Child-Resistant Thumb-Pocket™ Zipper Bag
About: 5.5" x 6.75" O.D. PAKVF3.5M CR Zipper Tamper Evident Pouch with tear notch and zipseal ..
5.5" x 6.75" OD Child-Resistant Thumb-Pocket™ Zipper Bag
About: 5.5" x 6.7" O.D. PAKVF3.5M CR Zipper Open Zipper Pouch Quantity: ​1,000/case F..