Lip and Tape Pouches and Decorative Mailers

As an alternative to sealing a pouch closed, IMPAK offers several styles of ‘lip and tape’ or ‘peel and seal’ bags.

These pouches are easy to use and seal, come in a variety of styles and sizes, and have permanent seal tape enclosures ready for your product.

Self-sealing Lip and Tape bags are utilized for pre-packaging items such as foods for resale, sending documents, marketing materials, protecting artwork, or packaging industrial components for segmented application and use.

Lip and Tape (Peel and Seal) Mailers

IMPAK Corporation offers Postal Approved Mailer Pouches that can be used for advertising, distributing marketing materials and catalogs, increasing attention to the products within, and protecting the contents from exterior conditions during storage, shipping, and use.

​Mailer pouches are made from polyester/poly-laminate films and have a permanent adhesive strip to seal the pouch. Customers use MylarFoil™ Mailer Lip and Tape pouches to hold up to shipping in inclement weather and forceful packaging conditions so that products and labelling remain intact. In the past we have developed pouches produced from high moisture-barrier MylarFoil™ to keep products, kits, and materials dry and secure. Using a tape closure, in which one end is open and has a tape strip which is protected by a paper strip, the user removes the paper strip on the tape which exposes it for sealing against the folded lip, (similar to closing a regular envelope.)

What size do you need?

Custom options are available – talk to one of our product specialists about your project!

IMPAK Has Seven Color Options for Lip and Tape Mailers

We have 7 different foil (5.0 mils) structures and 6 lightweight (2.5 mils) structures in sttock our colors include:

  • Gold MylarFoil™
  • Red MylarFoil™
  • White MylarFoil™
  • Blue MylarFoil™
  • Green MylarFoil™
  • Silver MylarFoil™
  • Black MylarFoil™
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4.5" x 7.75" PAKVAC5.0 3 side seal pouch with +1.5" lip and 20mm tape (1,000/case) - MTCV5R0450925
About: 4.5" x 7.75" PAKVAC5.0 3 side seal pouch with +1.5" lip and 20mm tape Quantity: 1,00..
2.5” x 7” OD Clear/Black Pouch with 1.25” Lip and Tape; (1,000/case) MTC02508125L
About: 2.5” x 7.0” + 1.2” Lip Vista Black - 3 side seal pouch with 1.25” lip and 20mm tape Qua..
12" x 14.5" OD Clear/Black Pouch with 1" Lip and Tape; (500/case) MTC12145L
12" x 14.5" OD Clear/Black Mailer pouch with 1" lip and tape; (500/case) See the Color ..
12" x 15.5" OD Navy Blue Pouch with 1" Lip and Tape; (500/case) MTC12155L
About: 12" x 15.5" OD Navy Blue Mailer Mylar Envelope with 1" lip and tape; Quantity: 500/c..