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​Ideal Sealers for Home Use/Long Term Food Storage. Our KeepFresh Home/Lab Vacuum Sealers are amazingly compact and efficient. They come in 2 styles: nozzle, which use smooth bags; and external clamp which use textured channel bags.

These are ideal units for the organized homemaker who purchases food in bulk and repacks family items in smaller quantities, and for hunters and preppers. For additional shelf life, these vacuum sealers can be used in tandem with oxygen absorbers to retard spoilage of most natural products. Save money and eliminate food waste. Vacuum sealed food stays fresh up to five times longer than other methods.

Popular Uses for the Keep Fresh Sealers

  • Rebag opened cereal, potato chips, or preserve dry goods.
  • Emergency/Earthquake/Prepper/Survivalist packaging.
  • Create your own mustard, ketchup and relish condiment packs.
  • Preview family heirlooms and important documents.
  • Preserve photographs, store collectibles or create storage for gold and silver coins.
  • Dry-Age meat or store dehydrated goods.
  • Create dry spice rubs.
  • Make stew and soup mixes, extend life of green vegetables.
  • Make your own ice packs.

Nozzle Style for Use with Smooth Bags:

People love the KF108 for its unique feature set, usually found on much more expensive industrial sealers.  The KeepFresh Sealer’s state-of- the- art nozzle allows users the option of using standard food saver bags as well as some mylar bags. This is the ONLY low cost vacuum sealer that does not always require the use of special bags. The quarter- inch wide heating element insures a tight seal that won’t fail over time. The rotating clamp bar with push lock and solid state timer gives users positive feedback for each and every seal.

Keep Fresh 108

External Clamp Style for Use with Channel Bags

The complete sealing solution for textured channel bags, with canning and marinating options. The snap close lid and easy operation of the Starter Series make it a household favorite, and the attached roll-dispenser with built in cutter makes the Deluxe series the popular all-in-one option, while the Professional Series in two sizes are favored by hunters and preppers, and the Masters Series is in a class of its own with its automatic operation. Included in all: Easy-to-use control panel, adjustable seal settings, a pulse vacuum option, catch tray for easy cleaning and a vacuum hose port for canning and marinating. 

Starter Series - KF1225SSVS

Deluxe Series - BTC1225CGVSK

Professional Series L - BTC1225CGVS

Professional Series XL - BTC16CGVS

Master Series - BTC1525CGVS


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